A few thoughts on social media

Today is day number one that I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I just decided it was time! I feel too often Facebook gets in the way of real life. I often find while I’m enjoying myself – – I stop and wanna post a picture of the good time on Facebook! Strange , don’t ya think? Furthermore, I’m more and more seeing it as this online popularity contest where all the results are known!

Some people will post the silliest junk and get 50 likes – – and somebody else will post something witty and well thought out but because they don’t have as many “friends” on Facebook will get not a single like. I feel like it’s causing people to live behind electronic screens instead of out in the real world. I feel like it’s a platform for people to actually just be nosy. If somebody truly cares about you, they’ll be updated on the ins and outs of your life. No updates necessary! 😉 

I feel like social media in general is a thief of time (this is, of course, if we allow it). People also are trying to make their lives seem 10x more appealing than they really are. I mean – – how many likes will a person get for updating a status “sitting on my bed in my PJ’s – – blogging 🙂 ” (that is what I’m currently doing by the way 🙂 ). Probably not many – – it’s quite dull. But a status like “a FABULOUS date night with the girls – – let’s paint the town RED!!!” is likely to get quite a few more. When in actual fact you were probably dreading “girl’s night” because you tired, stressed and have nothing to wear LOL 🙂 People are painting their lives to be wildly exciting when this probably isn’t the case at all. 

I feel like it’s my time to wake up – – disconnect from the screen, live a little more, be poking my nose less into the business of those who actually aren’t my friends. I’ll maintain my Pinterest profile because my reasoning behind that is to entertain myself with recipes, and DIY ideas, and I’m thinking I’ll enjoy this blogging thing to have a place to speak my mind 🙂


So for now. . this is me. Facebook FREE 🙂