My first post :)

So . . this is my first blog ever 🙂 I have decided to start a blog so that I have a platform to express myself. I’m convinced that just by having a place to speak my mind, it’ll lead to solace for the soul (that sounds pretentious – hehe). I am a person who is passionate about everything in my life – maybe a little too passionate at times! I’m interested in human behaviour, yet at the same time I’m so frustrated by it. I feel like though I’m young, I am well on my way to knowing who I am. I know I’m not a sheep, and do not follow the crowd, but yet would never describe myself as a rebel. I enjoy peace and harmony and I believe relationships can be the most beautiful and fulfilling thing in all the world – – when they not painful and disappointing. I’m a firm believer in that life should be balanced always – – without balance we likely to fall over ;). I’m on my way to knowing who I am and actually liking that person.

I’m passionate about love, food, music,books and what is right. I’m guessing many of my blogs are likely to be centered around these topics – – so without further ado – – I give you – – girlient92. 🙂